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Telehealth PT: How to Still Get Quality Treatment at Home

"What is Telehealth and how does it work?"

Telehealth is being able to provide medical services over video call. More specifically here, being able to provide physical therapy over video call. Although Telehealth PT has been available for over 20 years, opportunities for Telehealth PT took off during the pandemic.

“Don’t you have to use your hands to stretch people or help them exercise?”

The answer is, no. Not always. Just as with any physical therapy case, appointments include the physical therapist asking the client many questions about their symptoms and how it is affecting their daily lives, as well as performing some physical tests to get a better idea of what parts of the body might be involved.

Some cases can be treated just as effectively via Telehealth as in-person. Many cases can at least be started via Telehealth until the client is able to get an in-person appointment at a clinic or if the client and clinician decide together an in-person appointment might be more beneficial.

"I would like to try Telehealth physical therapy with The Well Physio. What do I need to do?"

You can text me at (702) 530-8067 or click here to schedule your appointment and ask any questions. At your appointment time, I will call you on the web-based video software we are currently using, which you can access either on your smartphone or computer with a webcam.

Does this seem like a good option for you? Let's get started together!

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