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Strong Woman

Physical Therapy & coaching for female Fitness Athletes

We help active women get back to the activities they love pain-free, without surgeries, meds, or taking time off from the gym.

Evening Run

Physical Therapy For Runners & Run Coaching

Learn proper running technique in order to recover from & prevent injuries, then work towards your running goals.



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-- Krista

I had a consult after I strained my lower back during deadlifts Monday. Even when we scale and have good form stuff happens sometimes. My back tightened up pretty quick and I wasn't able to go into extension. It started hurting enough to where it bothered me to carry my daughter. I got in touch with Morgan Tuesday and she was able to see me that afternoon, thank goodness! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her. It was nice talking to someone who was educated on my type of lifestyle (Crossfit). She gave me some "homework" and I did it when I got home and twice today and already feel a significant improvement. I definitely recommend setting up a consult with her if you have any issues! SO happy to have her as a part of our community!


Morgan at Well Physio has helped me and my lower back tremendously! After following her exercise prescription for only a few days, I was able to do movements pain free that have been an issue for weeks. The prescribed movements were straightforward  and very effective.

-- Amy

I saw Morgan after dealing with unilateral hip pain for over 2 years. This included visits to see Orthopedic doctors and sports hip specialists, X-Rays, MRIs, etc.  Their only suggestions was either an injection or surgery to explore and fix a probable hip labrum tear. My pain had reduced a bit and while it wasn’t gone, I chose neither surgery or injections.  


I had always been curious about a non surgical approach and visiting with a PT specialist. I was excited upon hearing that one our own SCCF members, Morgan, teamed up with the gym to offer her services as a physical therapist. 


After meeting with Morgan for a few visits, she thoroughly evaluated my hip issues and gave me some exercises as homework to do on a daily basis to help strengthen some of the weaker parts of my hips. My hip hasn’t felt as good as it does in over 2 years and I attribute this to incorporating these strengthening exercises that Morgan prescribed into my daily routine. I’m back to lifting heavier weights again and my hip is finally healing and almost fully pain free. Thanks, Morgan! 

-- Bryan


If you have been suffering with pain, tightness, discomfort, or just having plain old difficulty moving with everyday activities or during your workouts, we can help you.

We want to see you thriving, PRing, having fun with your kids, and most importantly, living a healthy life full of movement.


If you don't take care of yourself now, how is it going to affect you down the road? This is the only body you have. It does so much for you, isn't it time to return the favor?

Have questions or still unsure?

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